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Our journey to detoxification has been a long one involving many things I would’ve considered bizarre and peculiar a few years ago. Many kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders lack the ability to detox their systems from typical environmental pollutants and chemicals they are exposed to on a daily basis. Not only do environmental toxins muddy these children’s systems but the vaccinations we inject our kids with contain chemicals and harsh preservatives as well. Susceptible genes, environmental toxins and overloading the system by vaccination often become the trifecta that sets off Autism.

When Luke was 2.5 years old we were desperate parents who were watching our little boy fall deeper and deeper into Autism. We read Dr. Sear’s The Autism Book and quickly made the decision to begin a gluten free diet with him. We saw instant, drastic changes in him after a week of detox. Soon after that we began seeing Dr. Betsy Hendricks who is Arkansas’ own sort of Dr. Sears. We did extensive genetic and biological testing and found many food allergies, environmental allergies and some extreme heavy metal buildup in his system and severe depletion of vital minerals and vitamins. She sent us test results and a plan of action for his supplements and a complete diet overhaul guide.

Instead of going off the deep end and making all these changes at once I knew deep down these changes had to be permanent for Luke and even though doing a 100% change was what he needed I knew that in reality I would struggle completely with wrapping my mind around the new changes that needed to be made. I took the route of making one change at a time. Looking back I now know that was an excellent choice for Luke because I could see results for each new supplement, diet change, etc. It helped let me know that what I was doing was making a difference in him.

Besides going gluten free the other big results have come from adding Biotin to his diet at just over 3 years old and removing all artificial colors and flavors at almost 4 years old. The changes from detoxing artificial dyes was truly, hands down, the biggest positive change in him. He became so much more “normal acting” over the weeks and months following the elimination. Within 3 weeks we began to notice changes like imaginative play and by 3 months post elimination he began sleeping, which is unheard of for him. His ADD symptoms are slowly going away too and he is stimming much less. His communication is just taking off in leaps and bounds.

Many people think eating foods without artificial colors and flavors is too daunting and it can’t be done. I’m here to tell you, yes it can be. It’s not that hard and its far healthier. It does require more effort to buy and prepare foods but the rewards is far greater than the struggle. 

All my reading and layman’s research has lead me to readings on serious detoxing and Bentonite Clay.

“Autism and mercury poisoning has recently been linked as a possible cause of autism due to the large quantity of mercury found during urine testing of autistic children.  Since one of the biggest benefits of a clay bath is the removal of heavy metals such as mercury and lead through the pores of one’s skin, there is definite hope that clay baths can play an increasingly bigger role in treating autistic patients. In the recent past, autistic children who have been taking clay baths on a regular basis for some time, have reported amazing improvement.” (source)

The next post in this series will cover more about what is Bentonite Clay, how it works and what you can look for in a good clay. I will be giving Luke his first Bentonite Clay detox bath tonight and will be observing him for a week for signs of detox. Since we are doing a 10 set of detox baths I plan on reporting back weekly between baths to update any progress seen.


Stay tuned for our exciting journey on healing Autism for my sweet boy!!!!!

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